Collective Consciousness

I have been thinking much lately of the concept of Collective Consciousness and some related ideas.

Some years ago I read much of the collected volumes of Carl Jung. Many people are familiar with his concept of a collective unconscious. This concept starts from a perspective that much is hidden from us. The journey there is from conscious to unconscious. There is much struggle and work to get into the hidden depths. The fortunate and dedicated few are able to make their way back with some small knowledge of this “other world”.

The concept of a collective consciousness is different from the very beginning. The journey begins in the light and moves into brighter light. It is not a lack of depth so much as it is a direction. Whereas the collective unconscious lies under the surface in a cool dark place, the collective consciousness lies in the skies above us!

The journey toward a deeper understanding and experience of Collective Consciousness begins with eyes lifted toward the sky! Expanding from the horizon to the top of the sky. Breathe deeply and feel the connection and the collective!

A few links that might help on the journey.

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Global Coherence Initiative


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