Seeker versus Finder (Inspired by “Spiritual Practice is Spirit Lived” post at Andrew Cohen’s Blog)

Basic premise: There are Seekers and there are Finders.

For many years I have spent much time in the seeker category. I have read, voraciously read, as much as I could in the areas of spirituality, philosophy, science, mysticism, self-help, psychology and many other topics. I was looking for something from which I could construct a bridge over a perceived valley between where I was and where I wanted to be, enlightened, evolved, transformed.

Somewhere along the way I moved from a seeker to finder. I cannot point a finger and say, “That’s where it happened!”. All I can say is that, at some point along the way, I realized that everything is a minor detail under two ultimate truths.

Truth number one: There is a powerful, cohesive energy that holds everything together. Many people label this energy “God”. I like to think of this as a kind of Super Glue!

Truth number two: We are all part of this cohesive energy. In other words, we are all part of the same fabric. There is no you and there is no me. We are one in the same. Obviously this is not a new concept. Fully incorporating it into one’s life is, however, quite challenging.

I must say that finding these two truths has provided me with a strong foundation. I must also say that I still work hard to keep these two truths as the source or wellspring of all my actions. This goes back to the idea of creating Heaven on Earth. The more we can come from a place of commonality, of appreciation the better it will be for everyone.

Any action or work moves more fluidly toward positive completion when both the individual and the group are inspired by these truths.

Here is a link to the blog post at Andrew Cohen’s blog that inspired this response (which

Post from Andrew Cohen’s blog

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