That nagging little voice…

Do you ever experience a nagging little voice whispering to you?  Let me clarify the context in which I am speaking.  You make a choice, maybe a big one, that is life-changing.  You have carefully weighed your options, considered the variables and started off in one direction.  A few steps down the path you hear something.  “Just something in the bushes.”, you think.  “Maybe a chipmunk or a squirrel.”, you mumble to yourself.

A few more steps and you are sure it is not just a chipmunk because the noise is now a whispering voice of sorts.  It is saying something.  Maybe it speaks in a language that does need words.  It speaks in whispers of emotion and mood.  It speaks in energy.

You have heard the voice, we all have.  It is your “true self” speaking.  The “you” that can see beyond time, beyond the temporal, linear that most of us spend lives within.  I think most of us minimize this voice.  The “voice of reason” takes over our lives, directing our way.  We forget about our passion.  Maybe we fear what would happen if we were to act based on our true voice…what if we fail?  What if we do not make enough money?  I counter those questions with this one:  What if we don’t follow our passion?  The answer to that is long…to long for this post.

Happy Saturday!

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