Waiting in the airport

Yesterday I spent a lot of time in airports. Long delays on top of long lay-over’s equal time.  At a certain point, after completing a few tasks for my “day job” and after reading a few pages in the new novel I recently picked up, I notice a little girl.  Her mother is on a cell phone chatting to someone while the girl entertains herself.  With nothing more than the environment around her this girl is able to occupy hours.

I watch as she plays with the “moving sidewalks”, with the artificial plants, with the rows of chairs… Any and everything around her is woven into the fabric of her play-time.  While adults around me are on cell phones complaining about the delay or conversing with each other about the frustrations of travel, this little girl is enjoying the moments.

I am reminded of my recent readings about living in the moment(s).  Somewhere along the way we, as adults, lose the ability, or desire, to truly live in the moment.  In not being present, fragmenting our consciousness to multiple topics / tasks / etc. in a short period of time pushes us out from something.  What is that something?

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