Something Worth Living For

I just commented on a post at Chris Guillabeau’s web site.

Here is that post (in response to the question…Something worth living for)

Something worth living for…hmm.

In thinking about how I would answer, a math concept comes to mind, namely, lowest common denominator.

Think back to your elementary school days (pretty far back for some of us). In order to solve certain problems it is necessary to find the lowest common denominator.

What can help us break down any situation or experience into smaller “pieces” to be handled and processed the same regardless of the contextual variations? I would say the answer to that question is principles.

You may have guessed where this is going next. Something worth living for (something that makes one’s life worthwhile) are principles. A core set of principles built on a foundation of “Do No Harm” can bring a lifetime of fulfillment and humble pleasure.

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